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$Id: Manifest, phpMember v 0.1.0 2002/11/3 16:10:1 wibi Exp $

ChangeLog A log of changes to the software.

phpMember.sql Database tables dump.

Documentation.html Administrator's guide

INSTALL Installation procedure

LICENSE phpMember software Lincense

README Overview about this product

TODO Something to add in the future

example.php Usage example script

index.php Member welcome interface

login.php Member login interface

logout.php Member logout interface

password.php Member password interface

forgot.php Member forgot password interface

profile.php Member profile interface

redirect.php Member redirect interface

registration.php Member registration interface

require/ All require files directory

require/config.php Configuration file

require/common.php Common functions file

require/membership.php Membership functions file

admin/ Administrator directory

admin/index.php Administrator welcome interface

admin/guide.php Administrator guide interface

admin/tool.php Administrator tools interface

images/ All image files directory

images/logo.gif CyberGL logo image file

include/ All include files directory

include/admin.php Admin welcome greeting

include/body.php Body include file

include/delete.php Delete donfirmation include file

include/detail.php Member profile include file

include/edit.php Change profile include file

include/error.php Error message function file

include/footer.php Footer include file

include/forgot.php Forgot password include file

include/form.php Registration form include file

include/header.php Header include file

include/index.php Member welcome greeting

include/list.php Member list include file

include/login.php Member login include file

include/menu.php Member navigation include file

include/menu_admin.php Admin navigation include file

include/page_scroller.php Page scroller include file

include/password.php Change password include file

include/titlebar.php Title bar include file
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