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Newer version of phpNavigation is available,
released on 06 September 2007, has been downloaded for 172 times.
Please visit phpNavigation ver 0.1.0 to get more information.
$Id: Manifest, phpNavigation v 0.0.2 2002/08/14 19:53:59 wibi Exp $

ChangeLog A log of changes to the software.

phpNavigation.sql Database tables dump.

Documentation.html Administrator's guide

INSTALL Installation procedure

LICENSE phpNavigation software License

README Overview about this product

TODO Something to add in the future

Manifest This file

index.php User welcome interface

view.php View Navigation interface

guide.php Administrator guide interface

tool.php Navigation administration tools interface

require/ All require files directory

require/nav_config.php Configuration file

require/nav_common.php Common functions file

require/navigation.php Navigation application functions file

require/nav_error.php Error message function file

images/ All image files directory

images/logo.gif CyberGL logo image file

include/ All include files directory

include/body.php Body include file

include/browse.php Browse Navigation's item include file

include/delete.php Delete navigation item confirmation include file

include/footer.php Footer include file

include/form.php Insert Navigation's item include file

include/header.php Header include file

include/index.php Welcome greeting

include/menu.php Menu include file

include/nav_map.php Sitemap view include file

include/nav_menu.php Menu view include file

include/nav_path.php Path view include file

include/preview.php View navigation include file

include/titlebar.php Title bar include file
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