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Newer version of phpCounter is available,
released on 15 August 2002, has been downloaded for 1789 times.
Please visit phpCounter ver 0.0.2 to get more information.
CyberGL phpCounter ver 0.0.1

phpCounter ver 0.0.1 Documentation

General Information

Please read the INSTALL file for installation instructions.

You can create counters to monitor your web pages visitors. The counter you made will have a name which you will use to hit the the counter engine. There are two ways to hit the counter engine. First is PHP-code inclusion, on every page you want to monitor you have to include config.php3 and counter.php3. These files are in your phpCounter-require-installation-directory. Counter performed using the hit()-function. This function has the following syntax

array hit(string countername);

This function return an array with three element which describe below.

  1. Counter, ammount of hit.
  2. Since, date of counter creation.
  3. Error, error message if occur.

See the usage example below :

      <title>phpCounter demo</title>

<font face=arial>
Counter <b>countername</b><br>
<?echo $counter[counter];?> hit since <?echo $counter[since];?><br>
Error Message:
<?echo $counter[error]?><br>


Substitute the countername with the appropriate counter name.

The second way is using image invocation, see the code below.

<img src="counter.php3?counter=countername" alt="Counter">

Insert HTML code above in the page you want to monitor. Substitute the countername with the appropriate counter name.


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