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Newer version of phpForm is available,
released on 30 December 2002, has been downloaded for 1793 times.
Please visit phpForm ver 0.0.3 to get more information.
CyberGL phpForm ver 0.0.1

phpForm ver 0.0.1 Documentation

General Information

Please read the INSTALL file for installation instructions.

phpNews is split into two parts:

  1. Admin interface, accessible through http://<yourdomain>/<PathToPhpForm>/
  2. Backend, which handles form-field view.

The Admin Interface

Through this web based control center, you can manage your forms.


You can display form in your web-page by inserting a code fragment below into a PHP3-powered page. On a page you want to provide form, you have to include config.php3 and formage.php3. These files are in your phpForm-require-installation-directory. Form opening using the get_form()-function. This function has the following syntax

array get_form(string formname);

formname is name of the form.

This function return an associative-array with two key-element which describe below.

  1. form, opening form-tag.
  2. form_id, form_id of the form.

The "form" value of get_form()-function returns opening-form tag which action-parameter set to form.php3. This file is responsible for sending form-data to you. Field retrieval is performed by calling fetch_field()-function, this function has the following syntax:

array fetch_field(int form_id);

This function return an associative-array with two key-element which describe below.

  1. field, form-field-tag.
  2. title, form-field title.

This function return squencial form-field-tag on every call of this function. Call fetch_field()-function as many as amount of the form-field, it will return a series of the form-field. 

For usage example see at example page.

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