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phpMember - Installation

Installation procedure:
[1] Create new dir and untar the distribution (be sure to
untar the subdirectories) into that new dir
tar -xzvf phpMember_x.x.x.tar.gz
[2] Create the required tables within your web-site database
as provided in phpMember.sql. You can use the mysql-client
for this: mysql (db-name) < phpMember.sql
[3] Open the file config.php in your favourite editor
and change the values for path, host, user and password
to fit your environment.
[4] It is strongly recommended that you protect the directory
in which you installed phpMember-admin ,
for example with HTTP-AUTH (in a .htaccess-file).
[5] Open the file (
in your browser. phpMember should now display a welcome screen.
[6] If desired, move the directories require and include out of
the web server root. This will prevent someone from gaining
direct access to them via the web server and gives somewhat
greater security.
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